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    • El-Twiddy

      Server Information   06/15/2017

      Greetings,   Server is now up and running after 3-4 days of continuous developing. Thanks to Marcus and partially El-Twiddy for developing the server into it's proper state.   Server IP:   Enjoy playing on the server, more updates will be implemented into our server to make our Takistan server fun and playable.   Regards HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • El-Twiddy

      Development Server   06/15/2017

      Greetings,   We are pleased to say that tomorrow, we will be launching our own development server so we can develop on a different server than the main. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will be making sure the server will stay up 24/7 and it will be inspected and moderated by our staff team.
      More updates and plenty of fixes are soon to come to the server. Please keep an eye on the Server Development Logs that our developers will be posting on the forums constantly.
      Update Schedules: This could be daily, weekly and/or every x amoutn of hours per day.   Thank you for reading.   Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • El-Twiddy

      Security on our forums   06/21/2017

      Greetings,   I have increased our security for HeroesOfGaming forums.   Staff wise: You will now have to create a two-factor authentication to continue using our website with your staff access. If you are locked out, please let El-Twiddy know as he (I) control the web development.   Guest / Normal member wise: You can browse the forums without two-factor authentication, but any accounts created will need a special registeration answer(s) for the questions that have been set up. There will be no robots / bot spamming accounts on our website anymore. - This saves hassle for the web developer - El-Twiddy.   Thank you for reading.   Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • Lenny Lennon

      Server Information   07/12/2017

      Hello, Work on a Lakeside Valley Server has commenced and we expect to launch our alpha phase in the coming days. Suggestions are more than welcome! Modpacks are on the Teamspeak.   -HeroesOfGaming Management
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HeroesOfGaming Forum Rules [14/06/2017]

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HeroesOfGaming Global Forum Rules



These rules must be followed at all times and are subject to every forum on HeroesOfGaming


Account Sharing

Please refrain from sharing your account with other individuals. We want all accounts to be secure and not subject to others trust, etc.



Please refrain from advertising on our forums. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and it may result in a permanent ban.


Avoiding Bans/Multiple Accounts

Please refrain from making and/or using multiple accounts. When making multiple accounts not only are you taking usernames from future members, but you are also making user moderation more difficult. This means that if you are banned or not, you are NOT allowed to have/use more than one account per person.


Bumping Threads

Please refrain from bumping threads. This means that you can not go in your own thread and post "bump", etc. This rule also means that you can not post in threads that are older than three weeks old (based on last post in that specific thread), as there is no need for old content popping up at the top of the forum.


Clear Title

Please refrain from making vague thread titles. When making a thread, please make sure that the thread title is clear. If you make a thread without the title being clear, it may be misleading to other members, etc.


Double Posting

Please refrain from double posting in threads. This means do not create a new post after your own post. In situations like this you must edit your previous post to add additional content, etc.


English Only

Please refrain from posting in any other language than English. For one reason this would make hard for staff to their job, but it also creates confusion for other members.



Please refrain from discussing anything that relates to hacking and/or cracking.


Insulting Members

Please refrain from insulting other members. When you insult other members, nothing good comes out of it. It just results in anger and possibly hurt feelings on the other individual. This also means that you should not spark arguments, etc.


Off Topic Post(s)/Spamming

Please refrain from posting off topic from the original post as it not only results in spam, but it can also cause other members to go off topic as well.


Personal Information

Please refrain from sharing other members personal information without their consent. For example, you are not allowed to share someones address, phone number, personal Facebook, etc. without their permission.


Showing Authority

Please refrain from showing authority in threads. Not only does this not help the situation, but you are also going off topic as well. Instead, please report the post/thread so that a moderator can take care of the issue.


Wrong Section

Please refrain from posting in the wrong section as it creates unwanted spam. It also gets nothing done as people who are viewing this section are not here for the content that you have posted.


ShoutBox Rules

- No rude and nasty behaviour (3 warnings → ShoutBox ban for a few hours)

- No harassment - (3 warnings → ShoutBox ban for a few hours)

- No bad words (3 warnings → ShoutBox ban for a few hours)\n- Keep chat clean

- Do not post advertisement links from other communities

- You may post any link that doesn't contain advertisement such as Facebook / YouTube / Google

- Google link for images must be clean, not rude and no pornographic images.

- Any link to images must be clean, not rude and no pornographic images.

- Posting links that contain hacks / exploits / ip grabber is a permanent ban from website and ShoutBox.

- Do not over-spam messages.

- No aggressive behaviour.



These rules are subject to change at any time.

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