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    • El-Twiddy

      Server Information   06/15/2017

      Greetings,   Server is now up and running after 3-4 days of continuous developing. Thanks to Marcus and partially El-Twiddy for developing the server into it's proper state.   Server IP:   Enjoy playing on the server, more updates will be implemented into our server to make our Takistan server fun and playable.   Regards HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • El-Twiddy

      Development Server   06/15/2017

      Greetings,   We are pleased to say that tomorrow, we will be launching our own development server so we can develop on a different server than the main. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will be making sure the server will stay up 24/7 and it will be inspected and moderated by our staff team.
      More updates and plenty of fixes are soon to come to the server. Please keep an eye on the Server Development Logs that our developers will be posting on the forums constantly.
      Update Schedules: This could be daily, weekly and/or every x amoutn of hours per day.   Thank you for reading.   Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • El-Twiddy

      Security on our forums   06/21/2017

      Greetings,   I have increased our security for HeroesOfGaming forums.   Staff wise: You will now have to create a two-factor authentication to continue using our website with your staff access. If you are locked out, please let El-Twiddy know as he (I) control the web development.   Guest / Normal member wise: You can browse the forums without two-factor authentication, but any accounts created will need a special registeration answer(s) for the questions that have been set up. There will be no robots / bot spamming accounts on our website anymore. - This saves hassle for the web developer - El-Twiddy.   Thank you for reading.   Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • Lenny Lennon

      Server Information   07/12/2017

      Hello, Work on a Lakeside Valley Server has commenced and we expect to launch our alpha phase in the coming days. Suggestions are more than welcome! Modpacks are on the Teamspeak.   -HeroesOfGaming Management
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[GAME] Rules

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General Rules:

- All players need to be on the TeamSpeak

- Do not kamikaze aircraft into buildings / people

- No Cheating/exploiting - For example; Money duping, weapon duping, glitching the clothings and etc.

- No RDM (Random deathmatch)

- No VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch)

- No Powergaming (People who Powergame usually RolePlay's things which may be impossible to do, leaving the other player no chance to fight back. Powergaming people usually focus most on his own character)

- No OOC (Going out of character while in RP)

- No MetaGaming -Using other platforms than the server allows you (Message on Steam, Skype or other devices is forbidden)

- No typing in Side-Chat (Would be seen as MetaGaming, only adverts will be found acceptable in the sidechat)

- Do not argue / harass our staff members, we are here to do our jobs. Staff decisions are negotiable depending on what it is. (Project Leaders / Server Owners decisions are final)

- No racism or homophobic typing/talking (Only if it`s fine with the other RolePlayers)

- Always RP (initiation)


Cops Rules:

- Do not search a civilian without legal probable cause

- You must have a squad of minimum 5 people to raid a Gang Hideout

- You must only use the taser for unarmed civilians. Do not use lethals. Armed civilians / Terrorist must be taken out with lethals

- Before stunning an unarmed civilian, make sure to warn before. (Taser! Taser! Taser! or Tackle! Tackle! Tackle!)

- Available officers must always respond to 911 emergency calls

- Officers may not camp Gang Hideouts for more than 10 minutes

(See Police Handbook)


EMS Rules:

- EMS must always help out those who need help or need reviving

- EMS may not combat revive (Helping people up when the combat is still on)

- EMS must always be 150m away from an active combat scene

- EMS may not abuse the powers they have


Civilian Rules:

- No cop baiting (Intentionally annoying them or getting them to chase you)

- You are allowed to steal the LSPD clothing and items

- Civilians may not camp any fields / mines in more than 5 minutes

-You are not allowed to steal any EMS vehicles + items


Hostage Situation (Police / EMS)

- There need to be minimum 5 cops on to do a Hostage Situation

- Maximum of 2 snipers are allowed

- Snipers need to be in a circle of 500m around the Hostage Situation area

- You may not steal EMS equipment or vehicles at any time this includes backpack, clothing, items and etc.

- Negotiations must take place before any killing or harming.

- Negotiator must not be harmed in any way until at safety (minimum 15 seconds)


Bank Robbery / Robbery

- There need to be minimum 5 cops on to do a Bank Robbery / Robbery

- Maximum of 2 snipers are allowed

- Snipers need to be in a circle of 500m around the Bank Robbery / Robbery


Jailbreak Rules:

- There need to be minimum 5 cops on to do a Jailbreak

- You may not fly into the jail (Use C4 to get the prison gate opened)

- LSPD Officers are KOS as long as RP has been initiated with them at the Jail


Green Zones:

- All ATM / Shops are Green Zones

- LSPD HQ is a Green Zone

- The Hospital is Green Zone

- All illegal / legal fields or mines are NOT Green Zones

- All Processors are NOT Green Zones

- You must be 25 meters away at least to make hostile RP against another player at an ATM (You cannot initiate on a player who is 25 meters or less to an ATM)


Special Law Enforcement Personnel Rules:

Ride-alongs cannot apply to become lawyers or judges.

When applying for Ride-Along, Lawyer or Judge status, you must NOT be wanted in-game.



- This isn't your typical "Cops vs Robbers" Life Server, the Police are actually here to help you in this valley.

- Stick to legal ways to make money, illegal ways could land you a lot of jail time.

- Nothing you role-play can or will be considered "cringe", try and completely immerse yourself while playing. (It Makes A Greater Experience For Everyone!)



All Rules Are Subject To Change

Breaking of these rules can and will result in : Warning Points, Bans, Suitable Punishments

At the discretion of Administrative Staff

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