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    • El-Twiddy

      Server Information   06/15/2017

      Greetings,   Server is now up and running after 3-4 days of continuous developing. Thanks to Marcus and partially El-Twiddy for developing the server into it's proper state.   Server IP:   Enjoy playing on the server, more updates will be implemented into our server to make our Takistan server fun and playable.   Regards HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • El-Twiddy

      Development Server   06/15/2017

      Greetings,   We are pleased to say that tomorrow, we will be launching our own development server so we can develop on a different server than the main. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will be making sure the server will stay up 24/7 and it will be inspected and moderated by our staff team.
      More updates and plenty of fixes are soon to come to the server. Please keep an eye on the Server Development Logs that our developers will be posting on the forums constantly.
      Update Schedules: This could be daily, weekly and/or every x amoutn of hours per day.   Thank you for reading.   Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • El-Twiddy

      Security on our forums   06/21/2017

      Greetings,   I have increased our security for HeroesOfGaming forums.   Staff wise: You will now have to create a two-factor authentication to continue using our website with your staff access. If you are locked out, please let El-Twiddy know as he (I) control the web development.   Guest / Normal member wise: You can browse the forums without two-factor authentication, but any accounts created will need a special registeration answer(s) for the questions that have been set up. There will be no robots / bot spamming accounts on our website anymore. - This saves hassle for the web developer - El-Twiddy.   Thank you for reading.   Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • Lenny Lennon

      Server Information   07/12/2017

      Hello, Work on a Lakeside Valley Server has commenced and we expect to launch our alpha phase in the coming days. Suggestions are more than welcome! Modpacks are on the Teamspeak.   -HeroesOfGaming Management

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  1. Your RP Name: James Orr Steam UID: 76561198165317442 Age: 31 What would make you a good Police Officer: Proactive member who dose their job, Be fair but strict, Police Should be a officinal member and not harass and shot anyone all the time. communicate both verbal and written Have you had any experience as a police officer before: I have a 4 years of experience as a SFPD police officer. I have sound expertise in rp and laws and can learn fast and I have consistently out-performed in the capacity of a high rank and can do any job in law enforcement in. I believe you require an individual who can spear-head projects related to police officer in the white goods in Arma 3 role play, Chief of Police Detox gaming, SWAT Capt EVO, Capt patrol USG and CAPT of Corrections Metro What can you bring to the table: I possess lots of skills that I have acquired over my 900 hour play time of playing in different police forces. I can carry out tasks that need to be done and will always follow orders. I have been trained in flying, advanced vehicle and marksman and I was also head of FTO in TPD which shows I am capable since i had to train them. I am good at the 10 codes as I have had to learn for all my police roles this is good since good communication is a key part of team work. I can keep calm under pressure and will not be deterred to do the task at hand. I am firm but fair when it comes to patrolling, so I will get the job done but not in a way that everyone ends up annoyed. I think this is key since we do not want to come off as a bad force but a skilled and lethal but faire PD. Who is the Takistan Military Police Commander?: El-Twiddy
  2. Your REAL name: James Orr Age: 31 Your roleplay name: James Orr What rank in the staff are you looking for: Open to talk about What can you do for the community: I can write all Sops can make a sick roster, I can be strict but fair, I can become a great mamber There are multiple reasons why I want to be a Member of staff in this community. I want to have a positive impact on the community and help out all the members. I have lots of experience with Arma 3 and how the game works, and I want to help the others with the issues they encounter. Apart from the benefiting the community, I believe this can be a great personal training experience. It would be a learning process for me as well. I love this community from what I have experienced and this would be an opportunity for me to get more involved. I enjoy the people of on this community, and I want to be able to help the new players as well as the current members so they can enjoy their time on Lakeside. This position would allow me to get involve with the individuals of the community and help them on a day to day basis. In conclusion, I believe I could be a great asset to the support team with my knowledge and experience. I want to help you grow bigger and better. I came for the game and I want to stay for the community. What experience do you have with staff work: Community Owner at Dark life Role Play, Co owner at Island Life, Admin at USG, Head Admin at Detox, Admin at RLG Like this