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    • El-Twiddy

      Server Information   06/15/2017

      Greetings,   Server is now up and running after 3-4 days of continuous developing. Thanks to Marcus and partially El-Twiddy for developing the server into it's proper state.   Server IP:   Enjoy playing on the server, more updates will be implemented into our server to make our Takistan server fun and playable.   Regards HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • El-Twiddy

      Development Server   06/15/2017

      Greetings,   We are pleased to say that tomorrow, we will be launching our own development server so we can develop on a different server than the main. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will be making sure the server will stay up 24/7 and it will be inspected and moderated by our staff team.
      More updates and plenty of fixes are soon to come to the server. Please keep an eye on the Server Development Logs that our developers will be posting on the forums constantly.
      Update Schedules: This could be daily, weekly and/or every x amoutn of hours per day.   Thank you for reading.   Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • El-Twiddy

      Security on our forums   06/21/2017

      Greetings,   I have increased our security for HeroesOfGaming forums.   Staff wise: You will now have to create a two-factor authentication to continue using our website with your staff access. If you are locked out, please let El-Twiddy know as he (I) control the web development.   Guest / Normal member wise: You can browse the forums without two-factor authentication, but any accounts created will need a special registeration answer(s) for the questions that have been set up. There will be no robots / bot spamming accounts on our website anymore. - This saves hassle for the web developer - El-Twiddy.   Thank you for reading.   Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • Lenny Lennon

      Server Information   07/12/2017

      Hello, Work on a Lakeside Valley Server has commenced and we expect to launch our alpha phase in the coming days. Suggestions are more than welcome! Modpacks are on the Teamspeak.   -HeroesOfGaming Management

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  1. @James Orr Make a new application for us to review as the status of the server has changed. Thank you
  2. Congratulations, your application has been ACCEPTED! Please go "Waiting For Interview" @
  3. Punishments and Ticket Prices: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Og827IkkRG1vvnLGOv76DN8g3kf1-csT9nk0uXuVqKY/edit?usp=sharing Always have this on the fly! LSPD Rules: -All officers must be on TeamSpeak when playing our server. If you’re not on TeamSpeak, you will be kicked from the game -You must have a squad minimum of 3 officers to raid a gang area -Do not search a civilian without legal probable cause -You must only use stun rounds for unarmed civilians. Do not use lethals. Armed civilians / terrorists must be taken out with lethals. If there is only one armed suspect remaining, try to stun primarily instead of taking them out -Before stunning an unarmed civilian, make sure to warn before shooting stuns -Cops must always negotiate before taking further action. If a negotiation goes off, the negotiator must be sent back to where he/she came from in safety without being shot at - No killing hostages or negotiators on the spot unless there is a valid reason to why -The border checkpoint must be left open if there is no cops stationed at the border - Do not attempt to take over the border as a police officer by yourself. You must always be stationed by a high-up officer -Cops must only fire stuns to those who are threatening (unarmed) and fire lethals to those who have their guns raised at the officer. Do not shoot unarmed civilians with lethals -Available officers must always respond to 911 emergency calls
  4. Added : First Aid Kits to Armed Forces Shop Long Range Radio to Armed Forces Shop New Uniform for Armed Forces Personnel New Body Armour for Armed Forces Personnel New Helmets for Armed Forces Personnel New Bagpacks for Armed Forces Personnel M107 to AF Shop Stinger AA to AF Shop Breaching Shotgun to AF Shop 45.ACP Sidearm to AF Shop New Optics to AF Shop Subaru WRX STI (For Testing/Not Active Service) to AF Shop CH-47 to AF Shop (Special Operations Transportation) Bulletproof Vests to Civilian Clothes Shop Removed : Police Duty Belts and Vests from Civilian Clothes Shop All Items From Diving Shop Changed : Diving Shop Prices to $0 Price of Civilian Firearms License to suit economy Price of Civilian Firearms to suit economy
  5. Your REAL name: Ronan (Don't want to show my surname) Age: 17 Your roleplay name: Lenny Goodman What rank in the staff are you looking for: Whatever is needed. What can you do for the community: - Organise the forums - Balanced rules that work for all types of people - Balance the shops. - Fair support for both sides // punishments, rule enforcement, whitelisting + interviews for police and medics - Small bit of server development - Teamspeak God What experience do you have with staff work: - 2 years ago I had an Altis Life (RektLife) server with about 40 active people for nearly 8 months. - Head Administrator + Developer on multiple KGB servers Exile + Life Mods - Admin + Developer on DCR Gaming Tanoa Life - Developer on Life Entertainment's Tanoa Life - Co-Owner of NEVER SURRENDERS Altis + Lakeside Life
  6. Your RP Name: Lenny Goodman Steam UID: 76561198083923412 Age: 17 What would make you a good Police Officer: I'm a good roleplayer, I listen to orders and stuff i'm told to do, I'm very good with different weapons, I can drive and fly like a sexy beast. Have you had any experience as a police officer before: High ranks on a couple of different servers (RLG, USG, GITS, EVORP, KGB, DCR) What can you bring to the table: I can use actually use TFAR, I can properly use nearly all weapons, boi i know a lot about tactics. Who is the Takistan Military Police Commander?: My dad, El-Twiddy