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    • El-Twiddy

      Server Information   06/15/2017

      Greetings,   Server is now up and running after 3-4 days of continuous developing. Thanks to Marcus and partially El-Twiddy for developing the server into it's proper state.   Server IP:   Enjoy playing on the server, more updates will be implemented into our server to make our Takistan server fun and playable.   Regards HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • El-Twiddy

      Development Server   06/15/2017

      Greetings,   We are pleased to say that tomorrow, we will be launching our own development server so we can develop on a different server than the main. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will be making sure the server will stay up 24/7 and it will be inspected and moderated by our staff team.
      More updates and plenty of fixes are soon to come to the server. Please keep an eye on the Server Development Logs that our developers will be posting on the forums constantly.
      Update Schedules: This could be daily, weekly and/or every x amoutn of hours per day.   Thank you for reading.   Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • El-Twiddy

      Security on our forums   06/21/2017

      Greetings,   I have increased our security for HeroesOfGaming forums.   Staff wise: You will now have to create a two-factor authentication to continue using our website with your staff access. If you are locked out, please let El-Twiddy know as he (I) control the web development.   Guest / Normal member wise: You can browse the forums without two-factor authentication, but any accounts created will need a special registeration answer(s) for the questions that have been set up. There will be no robots / bot spamming accounts on our website anymore. - This saves hassle for the web developer - El-Twiddy.   Thank you for reading.   Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management.
    • Lenny Lennon

      Server Information   07/12/2017

      Hello, Work on a Lakeside Valley Server has commenced and we expect to launch our alpha phase in the coming days. Suggestions are more than welcome! Modpacks are on the Teamspeak.   -HeroesOfGaming Management

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  1. 1+ Great dude and nice person overall!
  2. Your REAL name: Anders Rasmussen. Age: 15 11/05/02 Your roleplay name: Anders L. Johnson What rank in the staff are you looking for: Doesn't matter, i'll happily start from the bottom. What can you do for the community: - Im a happy and humorous person but dont get fooled by it, i can also be very serious dependent on the situation im in. - 'What can i do for the community'': I can do anything basically, except ''hardcore'' coding, i can do anything from overwatching ingame or to doing basic support cases or applications. - As i've already expressed to Mads West i have no problem starting in a low rank, since it should be fair for everyone. What experience do you have with staff work: - I have a good amount, i have been DOA (Director Of Administration) and Helper/Supporter/Trial staff/Moderator a dusin times before - A fact when me and Mads West were playing on another community where he was Administrator, i wanted to become apart of the staff team so bad aswell, so i applied and i did 78% of all support cases from a month in 4 days, it took me 7 days to rank up 4 times, due to my high activity and amount of work put in for the community, and i will do the exact same for this community if i get the chance! Anders L. Johnson